Friday Arizona passed it’s own immigration bill, SB 1070, to combat out of control illegal immigration. Up until two years ago I lived in Arizona so I feel I might have a better feel for what AZ is going through compared to people outside the Southwest.

First off, I remember watching the news every morning. I remember seeing the daily kidnappings, murders, home invasions and car chases being reported. I completely understand where this legislation is coming from. Considering how many times Sheriff Joe has been re-elected in Maricopa county I am surprised this hasn’t happened before now. It is easy for people to pass judgement from a far. As for Obama attacking Arizona, that is pretty much what I would expect from someone who wants to turn all those illegals into democratic votes.

Now lets talk Constitutionality, this is the part I have had to work at to get my head around. Arizona says that the Fed is not doing their Constitutionally required job:

  • Article 1, section 8.1 – According to the Constitution, part of the reason we pay taxes is so the Federal Govt can “provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States”
  • Article 4, section 4 – Concerning state’s rights, the Federal Govt “shall protect each of them against invasion” and “domestic violence”

However, it is going to very important that Arizona carry these new laws out in a way that does not compromise citizen’s 14th amendment rights and that they maintain procedures that do not make this bill target one specific race. I read the bill, personally I would have liked to have seen a little more verbiage in there addressing this concern. If the law does stay in effect, I am guessing most lawsuits will say that SB 1070 article 8, section B was violated and that the officer pulled someone over for being a particular race. SB 1070 requires ”lawful contact” to be made first which means they have to be violating a traffic law or something.

All in all I support Arizona’s decision. If the Federal Govt is NOT going to protect their border, then someone needs to. I am pretty sure citizens still have more rights than illegals in this country (for now).


I know right now some of you read the title to this post and said,”Wait Voter_X, we thought you were a Conservative”. And you would be correct, I am a “Fiscal Conservative” by definition. I am also equally suspicous of both parties and any group, movement or organization. By no means does Conservative equal GOP in my book. If anything I am angrier with the GOP than the Dems these days. The Dems are doing what we would expect them to do, the GOP keeps letting Conservatives down. But anyway, guess that makes me some sort of “Paranoid Conservative”.

So be it…

Ok, on to my original topic: Thursday the House GOP proposed a one year ban on all earmarks. Read that again, a ONE YEAR BAN. Sorry Mr. Boehner, it will take more than that to get my vote. Are you saying that you want to see how it goes for a year and then re-evaluate next year? That is something I would expect to hear from say…… a crak addict, alcoholic or Tiger Woods. “Oh I’ll just try going without for a year and see if I can do it. No promises after that though!”


Here is my idea for a real proposal: Permanently change House procedures so that all earmarks must be voted on seperatly and cannot be thrown into other bills.

Afterall, we send you to Washington to vote on things right? Maybe if all earmarks were aired on CSpan, politicians would be embarrased to ask for $200k to study the mating rituals of the east-south-north-upper-westside dung beatle to benefit a friend’s pet ta write-off (i.e. institute). Want money for a bridge, look into your own state’s means. Bonds? Privatized roads? Actually SAVE for it?

Now to be fair, most states can not afford a 2 million dollar bridge anytime they want. This leads us into the bigger picture: Maybe if the Federal Govt didnt consume so much money, the states would have money for their own infrastructure. Maybe if the Federal Govt found long-term ways to lower their operating cost, they could lower taxes and stop unconstitutionally stealing ours.


I recently read an article reporting on a letter titled “Dear Colleague” authored by Sens. Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.), Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.) and Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.).  They are addressing the upcoming climate change bill and the coastal state’s desire to have a piece of the revenue coming from new offshore drilling (known as revenue sharing).

Article: http://thehill.com/blogs/e2-wire/677-e2-wire/93011-senior-dems-warn-against-devasating-offshore-drilling-revenue-plans-in-climate-bill

Their letter claims that,”the federal treasury would lose hundreds of billions of dollars”. Now correct me if I am wrong, but the treasury is NOT currently receiving any of this money they claim they will lose as it does not exist. Also, havent these Dems been opposing expanded offshore drilling forever?

The bigger issue I am taking with these claims is this: Why should states have to ask for tax revenue made from activities off their coast? When the Constitution was written and all the states agreed to it, didnt they willingly give up some sovereignty and allow the Federal Gov’t to govern? Seems to me the Federal Gov’t should be asking the states for a cut. To be clear, I am not saying the states should get 100%, but that a fair compromise seems in order.

My last question is: Why is offshore drilling revenue “needed” or to quote the letter,”must be available for the important public needs of all Americans”? Every state has something unique that they can draw on (hello California, use some of your resources?). Will states have to give up 100% of tax revenue from solar power, wind power or even something like dog food production if the Federal Gov’t decides it is for the good of America?

In closing, the gov’t always uses the claim that they are acting on behalf of the people. Let’s question which people; people in Washington or people like you and me?


Before I begin, FTS does not condone any violence towards elected officials.

Ok that being said, lets talk about media bias and all the idiots making death threats and vandalizing offices and what not.  If you are one of the idiots sending death threats or participating in illegal acts towards elected officials, YOU ARE NOT HELPING, IDIOTS! Truthfully, I wouldnt doubt it if it was SEIU members out there secretly throwing bricks at Dems offices just to give the liberal media more ammunition. I’m still waiting for MSNBC to tie the Hutaree Militie wackos and the Teaparty together (they probably have and I just missed it).

Now why am I talking about this? I heard an interesting story on the radio today so I googled around and found some stories. Basically this church took issue with a play at the local college and the pastor passed out email addresses and phone numbers for local college officials to his congregation, sort of like what we do with politics. The college canceled the play and said it felt threatened. Later on they published the emails they received, none of which had threats of violence, they were just “angry”.

Now at FTS we dont get into religion or social issues, but I want you to take note of how CBS played the story out:


You have to dig deeper to read the actual emails the school provided:


Pretty threatening huh? So this got me to thinking, what if the church congregation had published copies of their own emails? They probably could have shot down the “violent” labels pretty quickly.

So my CYA recommendation to you is to create a folder and save a copy of any email you send to elected officials. In this digital age, you never know when something could come back around.


But, but, but, but, but, but…….

So at this point I have heard several tv shows and talk radio shows debating the healthcare bill. I have even had some conversations with folks in-person and via Facebook about the usefullness and constitutionality of it all. I have noticed a very defined trend in the people defending this bill which you should be prepared to gun down should you be confronted with it.

This is how the “Liberal sheep healthcare defense guide” reads:

Step one – Accuse the conservative of being greedy and un-compassionate

Step two – State all the wonderful things in bill: Children staying on parents insurance til 26, no pre-existing conditions, insurance for poor people

Step three – Remind the conservative that insurance companies are evil and so are they

Step four – Repeat steps 1 through 3

Step five – If above steps do not work, accuse the conservative of being a racist spreading hate speech to end conversation

Here is how my conversation then goes (usually):

Me: Well then why did it take 2700 pages and 1 trillion dollars to accomplish those seemingly simple task?

Sheep: Well, uh, there is more in it…

Me: Oh, like what?

Sheep: Well 30 million more people will be insured!

Me: So who is paying for those 30 million people?

Sheep: The govt and those evil insurance companies!

Me: And where does the govt get their money?

Sheep: Well from taxes of course.

Me: And how about the insurance companies?

Sheep: From their customers I guess?

Me: Ok, so isnt the govt and insurance company going to need more money to cover those people?

Sheep: Yeah I guess…

Me: So it sounds like you and I are going to have to give both more money doesnt it?

Sheep: Yeah but you and I can afford it, dont be greedy.

Me: Who decides how much you and I can afford?

Sheep: Well the govt I guess

And you see where this conversation goes from there. The point of this post is to take note of the talking points liberals are using to justify this bill and to be prepared to shoot them down as well as defend yourself.

I like throwing the 10th amendment out there for fun when I can:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

And then ask where in the constitution it says the govt can require everyone to have and kind of service or charge you a fine if you dont.


Having listened to talk shows, radio shows, friends and family over the last 2 days, there is obviously alot of anger over Obamacare being passed and how it was passed. Yes there will be lawsuits, yes the Republicans will probably pickup some seats in November, but at the end of the day the Dems won. We will be fighting against and paying for this garbage for a long time.

Right now everyone is pointing their finger at the Dems and how they made a mockery of our democratic system. Thats fine and dandy, but remember that when you point at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you. This is where we look at the past, and not in the context of what those dirty dems did. But how we as a society, let this happen. My opinion is that we became complacent and took our rights for granted. We get so upset when we feel someone is hampering our right to free speech, but yet we quit truly caring about the people that WE elect to represent US and ALL of OUR rights. Kinda messed up when you look at it that way isnt it? Here is my short list of things you should ask yourself if you did:

-You didnt vote (shame on you, go to Greece)

-You voted, but just checked the (R) or (D) and thats all you knew about the candidate

-You never had a conversation with your peers about candidates or policies

-You didnt teach your children the value of an honest dollar and what it takes to earn a dollar

-You didnt teach your children that the only thing you are entitled to is the opportunity to better yourself

-You didnt teach your children American history

Now lets talk about the future. Basically, take my notes from above and do them. Educate yourself on the issues. Educate yourself on the candidates. Have conversations with your peers and add VALUE to the conversation. We need strong, conservative elected officials. No flip-floppers, no more center-of-the-isle people.

America’s best days are quickly moving behind her. We can change that, but it takes morally strong officials, good work ethics and active, informed citizens.



I can haz your vote? I give stuffs!

Obama flew to NV today to stump for Reid and give out 1.5 billion of mine and your tax dollars to try and buy votes.  This seems to be the only transparency that the liberals are going to give us; see-through, lame attempts to buy votes. I hope people in the targetted states see through this cheap attempt to buy some votes and are rightfully offended.

Now ask yourself:

If you live in these states: Would you be getting this help if Reid wasnt getting spanked in the polls?

If you dont: How do I feel about Obama using my tax dollars as campaign money to buy votes?



Makes you feel good about all the debt we racked up on thestimulus package doesn’t it? Werent we told that if the stimulus wasn’t passed, unemployment could hit 8%?? Makes you feel even better knowing that Congress is trying to pass this ridiculous Health Care reform instead of workingto get our economy straight doesn’t it? Seems like they are bent on making this recession worse. Raising cost on tax payers and expecting states to foot more of the bill with fewer taxpayers just doesn’t seem like good business to me.


Think about what exactly 10% unemployment is, visualize it. Today when you go to the store or drive around or whatever, count 10 people and then try to figure out which one is unemployed.

I believe that our economy is very resilient and would have naturally rebounded from the recession if govt would just get out of the way and let the American people do their thing. Stop playing social experiments. Stop trying to manipulate areas of the free market. Stop adding debt that is going to make it harder to recover.

As for health reform, do we need it? Absolutely

Do we need what the govt is currently proposing? No

Get the govt out of the way. Get special interest groups out of the way. Let  the free market do its thing because it is becoming more and more obvious that Obama’s grandstanding promises and big talk are getting us further in the hole.


Worst Bill Ever

The Wall Street Journal has annointed Pelosi’s new Health Care bill as the “Worst Bill Ever”. Interesting read, good talking points.



As you know, the Senate and House have rolled out health care plans this week, both of which include the “public option”.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you know one of our goals is to encourage people to regularly contact their elected officials. Hopefully you support that idea. So if you do, put your money where your mouth is. I challenge everyone to contact their officials and then report back here.

You can look up your officials here: http://www.congress.org/

Talking points:

-Identify yourself as a registered voter from their state

-Ask how they plan to vote on the proposed health care bill

-Either thank them for opposing or let them know that your household strongly opposes the health care bill and that will affect your vote come election time.

-Suggest your own talking points here too!

We are an A.D.D. nation my friends. We get fired up quickly, but then quickly forget things. Now is not the time to let up on your officials. Challenge yourself, challenge your family, challenge your friends!